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Bathroom Design

The Bathroom

Representative roles in our homes usually play a living room, but the guests often look in the bathroom as well. Therefore, the equipment can not be a simple washbasin. However, we can experience a lack of space when arranging a guest bathroom.  We also design rooms with respect to small interiors. Designed ceramics easily fit into the smallest bathroom and help create an attractive environment. You can choose modern look of the washbasins with the storage area to the right or left, hanging toilet and also, a semi-suspended urinal with a lid acts aesthetically.

Or we can design puristic and simple shapes with unmistakable contemporary designs. Geometrically clear contours and organically fine rounds merge into one. High-quality, innovative materials complement each other in a thrilling variety with a simple, timeless elegance. The modern bathroom takes on simple and stylish shapes. Ideal choice for both small and large bathrooms. You can choose classic sinks or washbasin sets with lower cabinets or slim cabinets. You can choose from both wall-mounted or standing toilet bowls with flat flushing.

A wide range of bathroom furniture in fine lines with intelligently designed storage space. The clean, minimalist furniture design along with the ceramic objects is attractive and uniform. Three combinable surfaces - glossy white, matte gray and sculptural gray - provide considerable structural freedom. The cabinets are, depending on size, equipped with one or more drawers. The side cabinets can be made with a glass cover plate.

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